A New Crochet Top: Camouflage Net Top

Camouflage Net Top
The work on my current project is progressing very slowly, there is a lack of time and energy – but I’m not giving up ;-)

Meanwhile, I still have a project from last year to present with pictures also from last year: The Camouflage Net Top!
As soon as spring comes, I’m looking forward to finally being able to wear this :-)


Camouflage Net TopCamouflage Net TopCamouflage Net TopCamouflage Net Top

New Sandra-Jewellery!

Mermaid Earrings
This year doesn’t seem to get any better than the last two…
I am not well – so I’m always looking for little things to cheer me up.

These little things also include the new jewelry that Sandra made for me to match my great new boots and I would like to show it today:

Emerald Swirl Earrings and Mermaid Earrings

…and yes, the boots will certainly make an appearance at some point, but not today ;-)

In the hope that joie de vivre and creativity will soon be a part of me again and that I can share them with you, I wish you all the best and until the next post!


Mermaid EarringsMermaid EarringsEmerald Swirl EarringsEmerald Swirl EarringsEmerald Swirl Earrings

Doomslug & Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug
Here is my interim status after my surgery: Finger is still there and healing – but slowly. Can’t sew properly again yet…
but planning and typing with one hand is ok ;-)

So until I can continue, let me introduce Doomslug & Boomslug to you!
I hope you find them as cute as I do ;-)


DoomslugDoomslugDoomslugBoomslugBoomslugBoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugMagnetic DoomslugMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic Boomslug