Halloween Parties

As you can see here I love to dress up and I love big costumes.
So it suggests itself to celebrate my birthday at the end of October as a Halloween party…
… because a lot of my friends share my love of creating and wearing costumes and they amaze me every year anew with their awesome costumes :-)

We take a lot of great pictures at these parties that I show on my blog. Here you have a short way now to look at all these posts at one site: Halloween Party Posts

There were the following themes up to today:
2018: Flora & Fauna
2017: Time Traveller’s Ballroom
2016: Sea: Dwellers, Visitors and Conquerorsr
2015: The Night Circus
2014: Spacemen & Aliens
2013: Märchen & Märchenhaftes
2012: The Dead, the Undead & other Monsters
2011: Heroes & Villains

Klamotten- and Jewellery-Designers

These creative ladies and gentlemen are my role models and/or my friends and they inspire me.

Gunni näht
Sandras Schmuckkästchen


This is a list of the talented hobby-photographers that helped me enrich this website with their awesome photos:


Laurent Goletz