A New Outfit: Green Fantasy

Green Fantasy
Even if my sewing stop is still on, there are a few more works to show. Here is a combination made in 2017, originally intentended to be two seperate pieces, but it looks also nice together. I call it Green Fantasy.

The pictures of this dress turned out really wonderful thanks to hairpieces and the great NeedMoreCoffeeMan. Thank you so much:-)


Green FantasyGreen FantasyGreen FantasyGreen FantasyGreen FantasyGreen FantasyGreen FantasyGreen FantasyGreen Fantasy

…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 5

TaiChi Fan Pouch
After the last sad post, here is another one:

I lost my precious taichi fan and my TaiChi Fan Pouch and I am really very sad about it :-(

But there is also something positiv: I gave my cape from the Plushy Cape and Cuffs to a dear friend of mine who will maybe wear it for some taichi on a chilly day :-)

Hope to have some good news and nice new costumes to present soon.


TaiChi Fan PouchPlushy Cape and CuffsPlushy Cape

Sewing Stop

This is a somehow sad post.
I stopped sewing any new costumes because I simply do not have the space to store them anymore.

I tried to declutter my wardrobe, but giving away any more of my self-made dresses would break my heart. I just cannot let go of my favorites and I have a lot of them ;-)
I have a long list of costumes I want to make and even more crazy ideas, but the whole place is scattered in fabrics and clothes that will not fit into my wardobe any more.

If I had enough money I would find me a nice place where I could store all my costumes, fabrics and actually have places for cutting, pinning and sewing. All my sewing machines would have tables where they would be just ready for action. Yep, that would be nice…
But since this is really unlikely to happen in the near future (or not at all…) sewing will have to stop :-(

I will keep this website up, there are a few more new outfits to show and maybe a miracle will happen after all ;-)

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope there will still be more nice things to see here!


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