A New Boho Crochet Skirt

Boho Crochet Skirt
The last summery post of this year is about that Boho Crochet Skirt.

Now I’m happy that after a two-year break due to the pandemic, we’re going back to the Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention in Luxembourg.
Maybe I’ll bring some pictures of it :-)


Boho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet Skirt

A New Outfit: Café au Lait Shirt with Wrist Warmers

Café au Lait Shirt
And here is another one of my countless crochet works, the Café au Lait Shirt, complete with matching Café au Lait Wrist Warmers.

Since I’m still very unproductive, there will still be only crochet works.
But I’m sure that will change again soon ;-)


Café au Lait ShirtCafé au Lait Shirt

A New Gothic Shrug

Gothic Shrug
A little crochet work in between, the Gothic Shrug.

…and I’m still not done photographing the mountain of crochet work… there’s more to come ;-)


Gothic ShrugGothic ShrugGothic ShrugGothic Shrug

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