Jewellery and Neckbands

Jewellery and Neckbands
Neckbands or chokers I always enjoyed combining with my outfits, plain velvet bands, victrorian chokers or spiky bands. For me every nice outfit needs some kind of a neckband. Needless to say that I create a chokr or something to every new made outfit.
Naturally I also tried to make other jewellery, but I was never very happy with most of the stuff I made. And now my good friend Sandra has mastered this disciplin, so I don’t see the necessity to make my own jewels any more, because she cand do it a lot better than me und she responds to my ideas as well.
Her creations which she made for me can be seen here: Sandras SchmuckkƤstchen.

Photos: Laurent Goletz (2011)
Hairstyle: Marlies
Jewellery: Sandra
Dress, Neckband: JessiCat

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