Victoria Prismall

Otto & Victoria
Do you know Otto and Victoria? If you do not, you should look up the beautiful artwork from Brian Kesinger :-)

So this is Victoria in one of the many lovely outfits from the book “Walking Your Octopus” and her dear pet Otto, the octopus.
I made Victoria’s Wrist Warmers and Victoria’s Tricorne to match the outfit.
Although she did not wear a hat in my reference picture I made her one, because like a real victorian lady she would wear one when going outside ;-)

To finish the outfit there is this amazing leather corset made by my dear Eric Aisling. This outstanding work of art is beyond anything I can do with leather ;-)

Photos: Michael Ernst (2017)
Composing: Nina Ernst (2017)
Leather Corset: Eric Aisling
Jewellery: Sandra

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Otto & VictoriaOtto & Victoriafamily portrait ;-)Victoria PrismallVictoria PrismallVictoria PrismallVictoria's overskirtVictoria's overskirtVictoria's overskirtVictoria's skirt and blouseVictoria's skirt and blouseVictoria's skirt and blouseVictoria's skirt and blouse