Halloween Party Pictures

We had a Halloween party at our home with the motto Heroes and Villains, where Sandra and I wore our costums you have seen in the last post.

But now I want to show you the wonderful costums of the other guests, because I simply was totally amazed by the creativity our friends demonstrated in choice and design of their outfits :-)

With a click on the picture of the amazing TARDIS cake Sandra made for me, you can start the large gallery.

Have fun with it!


Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (NMCM) and Laurent Goletz (Laurent Goletz)

The Hitman (NMCM)The Hitman (Laurent Goletz)The Hitman (Laurent Goletz)The Hitman (NMCM)Jean-Luc Tu Borg (NMCM)Jean-Luc Tu Borg (NMCM)Cruella de Vil (NMCM)Cruella de Vil and the Captain (Laurent Goletz)Cruella de Vil and Frank N. Furter (NMCM)The Master (NMCM)Dr. Horrible (NMCM)Edward Cullen (NMCM)Edward Cullen (NMCM)Jake Blues (NMCM)Rorschach (NMCM)Rorschach (Laurent Goletz)Rorschach and Jeannie (Laurent Goletz)Gru's Minions (Laurent Goletz)Little Witch (NMCM)Captain Blackbeard (NMCM)Little Red Riding Hood (NMCM)The little Witch versus Captain Blackbeard (NMCM)The little With, Little Red Riding Hood and Captain Blackbeard (NMCM)The Beagle Boys (NMCM)Walter C. Dornez (Laurent Goletz)Walter C. Dornez (Laurent Goletz)Neirenn (NMCM)Lei'ella (NMCM)Lei'ella and Neirenn (NMCM)Calaveras (NMCM)Calavera Catarina (NMCM)Calavera (NMCM)Batman (NMCM)Batman with the enemy... (Laurent Goletz)The Joker (Laurent Goletz)The Joker and Harley Quinn (Laurent Goletz)The Joker and Harley Quinn (NMCM)The Joker and his Harley (NMCM)Catwoman (Laurent Goletz)Gotham Girls (NMCM)Gotahm villain superiority  (NMCM)Gotahm villain superiority  (Laurent Goletz)Rorschach and Ivy (Laurent Goletz)Lei'ella, Cruella and Ivy (Laurent Goletz)Ivy with CatwomanIvy and Walter (Laurent Goletz)