Four Metre Velvet Skirt

Four Metre Velvet Skirt
A full-length, circular skirt out of the whole of four metre panne velvet, according to this heavy but cuddly. The skirt has overlength, so that it can be worn over a crinoline in spite of its heaviness, but can also be shortened easily on the upper side, so that it is not too long wearing it without hoops.

Photo: Markus (2000)

Four Metre Velvet Skirt

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Making of …

The easy pattern consists out of six pieces each with an extra ruffle-fragment and is completly self-made.

The skirt is exclusively sewn by hand.

Completed: 1997

… in Action

With its four metres of velvet the skirt is accordingly heavy and therefore barely crinoline-qualified, but it actually was worn often with a crinoline ;-)

The skirt can be combined in many ways with different tops, blouses and corsets and in some extent as an underskirt.

Sadly there are no (good) pictures…

Status: given away to a dear friend