Making of …

mockup coat
This turned out to be a real challange.
The pattern for the coat, waistcoat and tie was decided on quickly. I used the McCall’s Costumes M7003 pattern.
I had to do a lot of adjusting for both the coat and the waistcoat. The coat’s sleeves were too puffy, so I had to depuff them and I had to change both coat and waistcoat for narrow shoulders. The latter is documented for the Men’s Vest. I did something similar to the pattern of the coat.

The pattern for the trousers was hard to find but I decided on the beautifully pattern #119 Men’s Mid Victorian To Edwardian Period Trousers 1850-1910 pattern from Laughing Moon Mercantile. However, again a lot of refitting was required.

With these changes and after building multiple mockups for coat and waistcoat in 2014 and 2015, the hunt for fabric startet. It was not easy but I finally acquired some nice wool fabrics for coat and trousers that go splendidly well together.
The fabric for the waistcoat and the tie I discovered only after coat and trousers were finished.
It turned out fine and the fabrics and patterns with all their adjustements finally led to a harmonious overall picture :-)

Completed: 2016

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