Making of …

Seashell Fan Crochet Mini - just the crochet part

For this mini skirt I had a pattern for a dress as a template from the book “Colorful Crochet Lace” by Mary Jane Hall.
Instead of a dress, I crocheted a flared mini skirt. The waistband and the flared lower part are like the collar and the flared part of the dress. As with the dress, the upper part of the skirt is crocheted vertically with a seam at the back. The lower part is crocheted horizontally in rounds. I used the step method from the book so that the miniskirt grows wider downwards even in the vertically crocheted part.

Since such a crochet mini skirt is very see-through (as you can see in the pictures here), I sewed a lining made of stretch imitation leather with a wide elastic band underneath it.

I am more than satisfied with the result :-)