Tango Dress No. 2

Tango Dress No. 2
This black evening dress has the right length to be suitable for a tango dress. It has ample cap sleeves, a daringly plunging neckline and it falls loosley like a smock around the hips.

Photos: auriga (2012)
Jewellery: Sandra

Tango Dress No. 2Tango Dress No. 2Tango Dress No. 2

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Making of …

I followed accurately a pattern from Burda Style (12/2011) for this dress, which resulted in an outcome I was not satisfied with at all. This was the first disappointment among many successfully used patterns from this trade mark: bad description and the dress does not fit the way the fashion pictures in the magazin are showing.
I made some adjustments to the completed dress with a few stitches and some cheating, that made a presentable work. But it still does not come up to my expectations :-(

However, not everything can come out perfectly, can it? ;-)

Completed: 2012

… in Action

Status: had to leave my Klamottenkiste because of lack of space