(Christmas) Decorative Hearts

Biggest Rose Heart
Just in time for the 1st Advent, I have a little kitschy decoration for you that is also ideal as a Christmas decoration, th Decorative Hearts.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with continued beautiful snowy landscapes :-)


Rose HeartsRose HeartsSmallest Rose HeartRose HeartsSteampunk Mini HeartsSteampunk Mini Hearts

A New Purple Spiderweb Top

Purple Spiderweb Top
Actually, a report from this year’s Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention in Luxembourg should follow here, including a new costume.
Instead of that, there is a small crochet work from 2021 to see, the Purple Spiderweb Top.

This small work was presented in a big way in another great shoot with Olaf Pinn .
Thanks for the great pictures :-)


Purple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb Top

10 Years Ago: Machina Nostalgica

Fashion Show Machina Nostalgica
Ten years ago I was allowed to be part of the Machina Nostalgica, the first German steampunk exhibition in the Kreismuseum Prinzeßhof in Itzehoe!
I got to meet so many wonderful, creative and talented people and host my first opening weekend fashion show.
At this point a big thank you again to my great, beautiful models Raja, Jasmin, Josepha, Lea and Swenja, and of course also to the hairdresser Marlies and for the invisible but indispensable help in the background to my dear friend Sandra!

The small film contribution to the opening weekend can still be found at: Steampunk Exhibition Machina Nostalgica.

It was a wonderful time and I like to think back on it often :-)

Reminiscing… yours

Raja in the Nightcircus DressJasmin as Airship Captain DivaJosepha as Victorian AdventuressLea in the Dark Flower DressSwenja in the Summer Rose PolonaiseJessiCat in the Stripy Dress

JessiCat in the Stripy DressRaja in the Night Circus DressJasmin as Airship Captain DivaJasmin as Airship Captain DivaJosepha as Victorian AdventuressJosepha as Victorian AdventuressLea in the Dark Flower DressSwenja in the Summer RoseSwenja in the Summer RoseSwenja in the Summer RoseLea after the Fashion ShowSwenja after the Fashion Show

A New Crochet Shawl: Victorian Mermaid Lace Shawl

Victorian Mermaid Lace Shawl
And again crochet stuff, but a work from this year: The Victorian Mermaid Lace Shawl, which I made to match my great new boots :-)

My sewing projects are progressing slowly – I don’t have the right fabric and I’m running out of time until Anno 1900…

But the next big crochet project is already in the starting blocks ;-)

Let’s see what I have to show next…

Victorian Mermaid Lace ShawlVictorian Mermaid Lace ShawlVictorian Mermaid Lace ShawlVictorian Mermaid Lace ShawlVictorian Mermaid Lace ShawlVictorian Mermaid Lace Shawl

A New Outfit: Archer Vest with Wrist Warmers

Archer Vest
It’s hard to believe, but today I actually have something sewn to show and nothing crocheted ;-)

However, it is a quick & dirty work that was created in 2021, the Archer Vest with the matching Archer Wrist Warmers.

And no – I haven’t forgotten how to sew, it’s just all going a little slower than I’d like.
I hope I can make another update soon and show more :-)


Archer VestArcher VestArcher Vest

A New Crochet Shrug: Shrug in Beige

Shrug in Beige
Again today I only have little stuff to present, while in the background I continue to work at a snail’s pace on my next major project.
So here it is, my sweet little Shrug in Beige.

See you soon!


Shrug in BeigeShrug in BeigeShrug in Beige

A New Crochet Top: Camouflage Net Top

Camouflage Net Top
The work on my current project is progressing very slowly, there is a lack of time and energy – but I’m not giving up ;-)

Meanwhile, I still have a project from last year to present with pictures also from last year: The Camouflage Net Top!
As soon as spring comes, I’m looking forward to finally being able to wear this :-)


Camouflage Net TopCamouflage Net TopCamouflage Net TopCamouflage Net Top

New Sandra-Jewellery!

Mermaid Earrings
This year doesn’t seem to get any better than the last two…
I am not well – so I’m always looking for little things to cheer me up.

These little things also include the new jewelry that Sandra made for me to match my great new boots and I would like to show it today:

Emerald Swirl Earrings and Mermaid Earrings

…and yes, the boots will certainly make an appearance at some point, but not today ;-)

In the hope that joie de vivre and creativity will soon be a part of me again and that I can share them with you, I wish you all the best and until the next post!


Mermaid EarringsMermaid EarringsEmerald Swirl EarringsEmerald Swirl EarringsEmerald Swirl Earrings

Doomslug & Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug
Here is my interim status after my surgery: Finger is still there and healing – but slowly. Can’t sew properly again yet…
but planning and typing with one hand is ok ;-)

So until I can continue, let me introduce Doomslug & Boomslug to you!
I hope you find them as cute as I do ;-)


DoomslugDoomslugDoomslugBoomslugBoomslugBoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugMagnetic DoomslugMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic Boomslug

Happy New Year 2023!

This year will be better – this time for sure – always stay positive, I’m told ;-)

The pandemic has been declared over, events are taking place again and will we overcome all other crises too?
Get up, keep going – we have to…
Crafting, sewing, crocheting, dreaming of new projects, in short “creating something” helps me with that :-)

With this in mind, there is now a brief preview of the projects that have already been completed, which I would like to show. Much of it was already on this list last year ;-)

  • 2016: Kya
  • 2018: Flapper Dress
  • 2021: Archer Vest
  • 2021: Badass Tailcoat
  • 2021: Purple Spiderweb Top
  • 2022: Shrug in Beige
  • 2022: Camouflage Net Top
  • 2022: Doomslug & Boomslug

There are two works in progress, one of them a big one again ;-)

  • a crochet crop top
  • an outfit still untitled consisting of
    • skirt (already finished)
    • jacket(already finished)
    • corset (in progress)
    • hat (in progress)
    • bag (in planning)
    • petticoat (in planning)
    • blouse (just an idea so far)

…and the ideas of the last two years have not been forgotten and a few new ones have been added:

  • a Victorian crocheted cape
  • another Victorian bustle dress
  • a less self-made, but mainly bought cosplay in progress (from Avatar – The Last Airbender)
  • another one (from Star Wars) only as an idea so far ;-)

But all ideas and works in progress have to rest in January because I won’t be able to use my hands as usual for a while due to an operation.
Updates will follow soon :-)