Stripy Snake

Stripy Snake
Out of a clear blue sky I made this cute little snake one afternoon. I find it adorably sweet, dont’t you? ;-)

Completed: 2012

Status: in my bedroom ;-)

Photos: Carsten T. (2012)
Jewellery: Sandra
Top, Cuffs: JessiCat (Beetlejuice Top, Beetlejuice Cuffs)

Stripy SnakeSnake knotting ;-)Stripy SnakeStripy Snake

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Stripy Dress

Stripy Dress
Originally this should have been the stripy dress from Sleepy Hollow. But then the Emilie Autumn-stripy dress designed by Vecona I like even more. And now it is a (cheap?) copy of various Vecona-creations
But one can have worse role models, right? ;-)

The camisole has puffy sleeves with laceband at the end and at the front it is closed with silvery uniform buttons.

The skirt at the front is simple and slender cut and becomes wider at the bottom and at the back.
Every rufflelayer has laceband at the hemline.

To besome a real dress, it has to be worn with a corset, preferably a black one, that comes over the skirt and unter the camisole.

Photos: Laurent Goletz (2011)
Hairstyle: Marlies
Schmuck: Sandra

Stripy DressStripy DressStripy DressStripy DressStripy DressStripy DressStripy Dress

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