Time Traveller’s Ballroom – Decoration

Table Decoration
I had the most wonderful birthday party!
We worked hard to make it that way, but it was all worth it :-)

There will be some posts about this party, starting with this one about the decoration.
The party took place at the amazing Maschinenmuseum Kiel. It is a place of old machines, a lot of history and many wonders. But it is a cold machine hall and not really a ballroom. So I had to make it that way :-)

I made some Bouquets of Lights for each table and added some pearl twine and that was my table decoration. I loved it and so did my guests :-)

Apart from that I draped lots of organza all over the place and my friends worked out a beautiful light concept to turn the machine hall into a ballroom.

The next posts will be about the creative presents I got and of course about my dress and jewellery ;-)


draping organza all over the museumlights and decorationlights and decorationlights and decoration