The first time I saw Missy, the female incarnation of the Master, I absolutely hated her… but not for very long. I did not like the idea that Time Lords could change from male to female without further explanation and I was really fond of the Master.

But then Michelle Gomez, the outfit and … well… Missy happend ;-)

I absolutely adore this new version of the Master and therefore I just had to do this costume! :-)

Photos: Faust (2019)

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MissyMissyMissyMissyMissyMissyMissyMissyMissy blouseMissy blouseMissy blouseMissy blouse and skirtMissy blouse and skirtMissy blouse and skirtMissy blouse and skirtMissy SuitMissy SuitMissy SuitMissy Suit
Missy Suit

Victoria Prismall

Otto & Victoria
Do you know Otto and Victoria? If you do not, you should look up the beautiful artwork from Brian Kesinger :-)

So this is Victoria in one of the many lovely outfits from the book “Walking Your Octopus” and her dear pet Otto, the octopus.
I made Victoria’s Wrist Warmers and Victoria’s Tricorne to match the outfit.
Although she did not wear a hat in my reference picture I made her one, because like a real victorian lady she would wear one when going outside ;-)

To finish the outfit there is this amazing leather corset made by my dear Eric Aisling. This outstanding work of art is beyond anything I can do with leather ;-)

Photos: Michael Ernst (2017)
Composing: Nina Ernst (2017)
Leather Corset: Eric Aisling
Jewellery: Sandra

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Otto & VictoriaOtto & Victoriafamily portrait ;-)Victoria PrismallVictoria PrismallVictoria PrismallVictoria's overskirtVictoria's overskirtVictoria's overskirtVictoria's skirt and blouseVictoria's skirt and blouseVictoria's skirt and blouseVictoria's skirt and blouse


Sir Otto
For a Victoria Prismall costume there has to be an octopus and not any octopus but Otto.
If you do not know Otto and Victoria, you have to check out Brian Kesinger’s artwork :-)

So I sewed an octopus. I found the pattern on the internet and extended the tentacles times 1.5, I also added eyes and ears.
I tried to give him the typical Otto-expression which was not easy at all. I remade the eyes alone nine times before I was satisfied ;-)
To simulate the suckers I used the wonderful Minky Fleece. Sadly this fabric has to be lined firmly and even then the pet cannot be stuffed too fully because the little knobs can be flattend quickly.

Otto is fluffy, always in a good mood and he finds new friends everywhere :-)

Completed: 2017

Status: Otto is sitting in our living room and was with us at the Anno1900 Steampunk Convention 2017 and after that in Ulmen ;-)

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2017)

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OttoOttoOtto's tentaclesSherlocktopusOtto making friendsOtto with friends....not so friendly now...


Firebending Masters
It all began with the crazy idea of learning the Dancing Dragon Form from the episode “The Firebending Masters” of the series “Avatar – The Last Airbender” – together with a friend. With her I am practicing TaiChi for many years now.

How we got to learn the form, that is another story – at this point it is important that we did. The only thing that was missing were the right kind of costumes.

So I started to sew two firebender tunics :-)

They each consist of a coat that is closed with hooks and eyes and a belt with the front skirt part attached to it.

Now if someone would like to build us some matching boots….. ;-)

Model: Clara McCrimmon
Photos: Michael Ernst (2015)
Composing: Nina Ernst (2015)

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Attack!Firebender TrainingFirebenderFirebenderFirebender

Ghost Dress

At first sight it looks like a cross between a nightgown and a wedding dress.
And then again more like from a Jane Austin movie.
But no, this dress is actually made to be a Halloween costume, it should be the robe of a ghost, a white ghost lady :-)

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2012)
“Wind”: Sandra

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Little GhostyGhost DressGhost DressGhost Dress

Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant
Who remembers Prince Valiant?
That was the hero of the comic series originating in the late 1930s.
And he did wear a tabard like this one.
Technically this costume is not complete without the adequate wig ;-)

I made this costume for my dad :-)

Photos: Marco (2012)
Models: Dino, Lisi, Marlies, JessiCat

Princd ValiantPrince Valiant the heroPrince Valiant rescues the little maidenPrince Valiant with his daughter... and with the entirety of his court ladies  ;-)Prince ValiantPrince ValiantPrince Valiant

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The Doctor’s Scarf (Small Version)

The Doctor's Scarf
This is one of the later versions of the famous scarf that Doctor Who was wearing in his 4th reincarnation. From 1974 to 1981 Tom Baker had many adventures in his role as the 4th Doctor with various variations (and increasing length) of this scarf.

I decided to knit this version, simply because I liked the colours the most. The other 7-colour-versions I would surely not wear in everyday life ;-)

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2011)
Model: Lisi

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The Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's ScarfThe Doctor's Scarf

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
This diamond-decorated two-coloured costume is complete with the Harley Quinn Choker and the matching gloves. A bit cheeky and punky this costume is definitely Harley Quinn-worthy.

Needless to say that this costume is most effective in combination with someone wearin the Poison Ivy-costume.

Photos: Laurent Goletz (2011)
Models: Sandra and JessiCat
Jewellery: Sandra
Decoration: Sandra and JessiCat

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Harley QuinnHarley QuinnTod durch hundert GrinserHA - HA!Harley with IvyPokerLootHarley QuinnHarley QuinnHarley QuinnHarley Quinn GlovesHarley Quinn ChokerHarley Quinn Choker

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy
This fake-ivy-decorated costume is complete with a firey red wig and with the Poison Ivy Choker and also with the matching long glove. Even some ballerinas come with the outfit. Asymmetric and with seamingly organic fabrics this dress is definitely Poison Ivy-worthy.

Needless to say that this costume is most effective in combination with someone wearin the Harley Quinn-costume.

Photos: Laurent Goletz (2011)
Models: Sandra and JessiCat
Decoration: Sandra and JessiCat

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Poison IvyLootIvy with HarleyIvy with HarleyIvy with HarleyPokerPoison IvyPoison IvyPoison IvyPoison IvyPoison Ivy ChokerPoison Ivy ChokerPoison Ivy Shoes