…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 5

TaiChi Fan Pouch
After the last sad post, here is another one:

I lost my precious taichi fan and my TaiChi Fan Pouch and I am really very sad about it :-(

But there is also something positiv: I gave my cape from the Plushy Cape and Cuffs to a dear friend of mine who will maybe wear it for some taichi on a chilly day :-)

Hope to have some good news and nice new costumes to present soon.


TaiChi Fan PouchPlushy Cape and CuffsPlushy Cape

…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 4

Circuit Board Tie
I like to continue this series because there are always not only nice things added to my Klamottenkiste but also those that have to leave it.

To begin with there is the Circuit Board Tie. I gave it to a friend because I never wore it.
Just as I gave away the Jersey Dress. This one is with my dear stepmom now :-)

Sadly I had to throw away my Slender Scaf :-(
It was just worn out. Maybe I make myself another one like it :-)

That was all for now. Sadly this mini clear out created not a lot of space for new things ;-)


Jersey DressSchmaler schal

…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 3

Flamenco Ladybird - sold
This is the last part of my little series about the things that had to already leave my Klamottenkiste.
I divided this series into the following categories

  • sold
  • given away
  • disposed of

The previous parts were about the things I had to throw away and the things I gave away.
So today we take a look at the creations I got some mony for.
These, too, can be divided into two subcategories:

  • sold and auctioned
  • made for cost of material

I like to start with the sold and auctioned.
I would certainly be great if here would follow a list with lots of high prices… Sadly it does not.
Most of the following listed pieces left my Klamottenkiste for a fraction of their cost of material.
My motivation of selling these things for the main part is to make room for new pieces and to get rid of what I do not wear anymore.
I like the idea that someone else enjoys wearing these things rather than when they just take up some room disregarded in my Klamottenkiste.

Flamenco Ladybird
Even if I really liked this dress, I did not like to dance Flamenco in it. A skirt and a top are so much more practical. Since I could not think of any other event I would have wanted to wear this dress, it had to leave my Klamottenkiste. Given that I could not find anyone in my circle of acquaintances who would have wanted to buy it, I finally sold it at ebay. It was sold for just 20 EUR. But I hope that it is now in good hands :-)

Flamenco Flame Red
This dress had proven itself to be un-danceable, too, and therefore it had to leave. I sold this dress together with the Flame Red Hairpin at ebay. Here I got 35 EUR for all three pieces together.

Flamenco Skirt
Even if I danced a lot in this skirt, it is now way too big for me and so I sold it in order that it can dance with someone else some more ;-)
I sold it to a dancer who started dancing flamenco in the same dancing class as me. I got 50 EUR for the skirt.

Tango Dress
I sold this dress together with the Tango Choker for 35 EUR.

The Skirt from the Romantic Military Style Combination
The skirt had to leave here. A friend of mine bought it from me for 5 EUR ;-)

Grey Knitted Dress
I sold the dress including the long arm warmers at ebay. I got 35 EUR for it.

Time Lady
This entire costume, that is the jacket, the skirt and the mini-bustle together with the matching petticoat that I made afterwards, the Time Lady Tricorne, the Time Lady Handbag and the Time Lady Choker was auctioned at the Machina Nostalgica 2013. The highest bid was 350 EUR.
I am still missing that pretty tricorne…

These were the pieces I actually sold.
Now to the costumes that I have sewn for others because I felt like it, but for which I got the cost of material.

Harley Quinn
I made this costume for Sandra, so that we could go as a team as Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy for my Halloween-Party :-)
These days she can sew as good as myself and she would make such things herself today ;-)

The Time Meddler
I made this costume for Van Flex and so it is now in its entirety (coat, vest, trousers and bowtie) in his possession for the cost of material and the appearance as a model for me at the Aethercircus 2014 ;-)

Having written these three posts about the things that left my closet, I realised that it is quite a lot.
Usually I keep all of my selfmade things and it gets more and more crammed here.
Less time for sewing new things means holding on to all the things I made… that is how it it just now.
The more I sew, the easier for me to let some things part ;-)

So hopefully there will me more sewing again in my future and more giving away and selling my costumes :-)


Flamenco Flame Red - soldFlamen Skirt - soldTango Dress - soldRomantic Military Style Combination - sold the skirtGrey Knitted Dress - soldTime Lady - soldHarley Quinn - cost of materialThe Time Meddler - cost of material

…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 2

Little Maid Lisa - given away
Today my little series about the beautiful things that had to already leave my Klamottenkiste continues.
I divided it into the following categories

  • sold
  • given away
  • disposed of

In my last post I wrote about the things I had to throw away. Today I like to concentrate on the largest of these categories, the things I gave away :-)

These things I can devide further into two groups:

  • those I made for myself, but then gave them away
  • those I made as presents

I like to start with the works that I made with the intention to give them away as presents.
So this is a little list of my self-sewn-presents for my family and friends :-)

Little Maid Lisa
I made this dress for my sister Lisa.

Prince Valiant
I made this costume for my dad.

NeedMoreCoffeeMan Shirt
I made this shirt for my beloved with his photographer logo.

Men’s Vest
I made this vest also for my beloved :-)

JessiCat and LisiCat
The set that I made for Lisa is of course her’s now, my own set is still in my possession.

It is the same here: The set for my friend is with her and mine stayed with me :-)

Baby Romper Suit
The romper suit was a present for my (at that time unborn) niece.

Erik’s Scarf
This scarf was also made in the intention to be given away as a present.

Gru’s Scraf
So was this scarf also a present for my beloved.

Day Cravats
Both day cravats were made with the intention to be a present for a quite exceptionally Steampunk :-)

Light Former Safekeeping Bag
I made this bag as a present for my beloved.

This cool knitted TARDIS was also made as a present :-)

And then there are things I made for myself but gave away because of lack of space or because I did not wear them any more:

Four Metre Velvet Skirt
I gave this skirt to a friend of mine some time ago.

Morticia Dress
This dress also went to a dear friend.

Blue Fantasy
This dress is now in the same hands as the previous one.

Tech Skirt
I gave this skirt to my friend Janni together with the Tech Choker.

Beetlejuice Top
I gave this shirt to Sandra without ever wearing it.

Shiny Red Dress
I gave this dress away quite a long while ago without ever wearing it.

White Maiden
I gave the overdress to my little sister.

Tango Dress No. 2
I have never worn this dress and it had to leave my crammed Klamottenkiste. I gave it away to unknown.

Princess Bracelet
I thought the bracelet too kitschy for myself, so I gave it away.

most of the Brain Slugs
These cute little Brain Slugs emigrated except for two specimen. After hey had fulfiled their purpose for my party, I gave them away.

So these are quite a few things I gave away over the years :-)

The last part of this series will be about the creations that I sold or that I made for my friends for cost of materials.


Little Maid Lisa - given awayPrince Valiant - given awayNeedMoreCoffeeMan Shirt - given awayMen's Vest- given awayJessiCat and LisiCat - given away partlyFirebender - given away partlyBaby Romper Suit - given awayErik's Scarf - given awayGru's Scarf - given awayDay Cravat 1 - given awayDay Cravat 2 - given awayLight Former Safekeeping Bag - given awayCuddly TARDIS - given awayFour Metre Velvet Skirt - given awayMorticia Dress- given awayBlue Fantasy - given awayTech Skirt - given awayBeetlejuice Top - given awayShiny Red Dress - given awayWhite Maiden - gave the overdress awayTango Dress No. 2 - given awayPrincess Bracelet - given awayBrain Slugs - given away partly

…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 1

Angel Winged Long Shirt - disposed of
Today I am writing not about new things in my Klamottonkiste but about the those that had to leave in one way or the other. The majority of these creations had to go simply because of lack of space since my Klamottenkiste is not infinite in size (who else wisehs for a Time-Lord-It’s-bigger-on-the-inside-wardrobe?).
I do not want to list all of the very early works and neither the failures (yes, there are failures, even if it does not happen a lot, they do exist).
However I want to summarize everything that I included into this website that had to leave up to today.

Since this is quite a bit I will split this into three posts.
I differentiate between these following categories:

  • sold
  • given away
  • disposed of

Today I like to start with the least pleasant, but also smallest of theses categories, the things I had to throw away.
Below you see the list of clothes that I had to dispose of:

Angel Winged Long Shirt
The shirt did not take the third washing very well. So I had to throw it away.

Goth Fairy
I threw this dress away because I did not want to wear it anymore and nobody wanted to have it and there was no space for it anymore.

Green Curtain Dress
This dress was too heavy for me to wear, so I disposed of it in the end.

Camera Bag
Of this bag I got rid of unintentionally. Just on its first journey I lost in somewhere in Brescia.
So it does not fit quite right into this category because I really hope that someone had found it, kept it and still uses it ;-)

The next category that I want to look at is the largest: Everything I gave away as a present :-)


Goth Fairy - disposed ofGrĆ¼nes Vorhangkleid - disposed ofKamera-TƤschchen - lost