Firebending Masters
It all began with the crazy idea of learning the Dancing Dragon Form from the episode “The Firebending Masters” of the series “Avatar – The Last Airbender” – together with a friend. With her I am practicing TaiChi for many years now.

How we got to learn the form, that is another story – at this point it is important that we did. The only thing that was missing were the right kind of costumes.

So I started to sew two firebender tunics :-)

They each consist of a coat that is closed with hooks and eyes and a belt with the front skirt part attached to it.

Now if someone would like to build us some matching boots….. ;-)

Model: Clara McCrimmon
Photos: Michael Ernst (2015)
Composing: Nina Ernst (2015)

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Making of …

We were looking for a long time to find a sewing pattern for this and finally decided to take the pattern M6819 from McCall’s Costumes as a basis. We chose version A from the coat and thought about some changes of it together.
The first thing was cutting the pattern to knee-length and to leave the stand-up collar out. We added high slits to the sides and a belt where the front skirt part is attached to.

It got a bit complicated since we wanted to have these golden-yellow edges which are so typical for firebender outfits. It was not so easy as I thought, but it turned out all right :-)

After the first test with our Dancing Dragon Form it is confirmed, the costumes in motion are fine, too ;-)

Completed: 2015

… in Action

Status: one of the costumes is in my Klamottenkiste, the other one I gave to my dear friend :-)