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Making of Mourning Robe
The petticoat is made with the Truly Victorian pattern (TV170, Victorian Petticoats). The entire hemline is embroidered black-in-black.

The pattern for the plain skirt is once more based on the Burda pattern (7880).

The bloomers are made with a pattern from McCalls (6770), also without any changes. The ruffled hemline is embroidered like the one on the petticoat.

The lace-apron is closed with a knot on the back, so that the ends hang loosely. The sides are slightly gathered and the hemline is trimmed with a lace-ribbon. The pattern is roughly based upon the other apron patterns I used so far.

The bodice is made after the Truly Victorian pattern (TV462, 1883 Tail Bodice). Even if it was ment to be a mourning robe up from the start, I did not want to keep it all in jet black. The compromise is now a combination out of pure black and the brocade fabric with the dark violet roses, enough colour, but little enough that it can still be called a mourning robe :-)
You can see in the picture the interior view with the tunneled boning just before the lining was added. It was really a challange to turn the piece after I added the lining because of the boning and the very thickly brocade fabric ;-)
I especially like the little black rose buttons, which just perfectly match the dress.

Petticoat, skirt and bloomers completed: 2013
Lace-apron and bodice completed: 2014