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The vest is made out of the same fabric as the Mourning Robe and a classy black lining fabric.

The tie is made from the remains of that lining fabric.

I used the McCall’s Costumes pattern M7003 for the vest and the tie.
The pattern for the tie is unchanged, but for the vest I had to make major changes to fit it to some degree to the figure.
Since I needed the pattern also for a bigger project, I decided to build a mockup for the test piece and to do the necessary changes directly on the pattern itself. Easier said than done…
The Wide or Narrow Shoulder Adjustment Sewalong helped me a lot. Furthermore I had to make the whole veste a bit smaller at the sides and the darts at the front had to be fitted as well. It cost me actually four tries to get a result that was tolerably in my eyes.
It was even more complicated for me to do these adjustments because I had no male dress form at my disposal….

Completed: 2014

pattern changes frontpattern changes front in detailpattern changes front in detailmockup vest