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pattern test
I made both patterns from scatch.

For the blouse I had to make a few test pieces. I sewed the last of them into a proper blouse as you can see in the pictures.
It was not easy to get this waisted pattern right, so that it still had a touch of the medieval to it. The sleeves were also a problem: How puffy should they be? ;-)
The cord at the neckline was planned from the beginning because I wanted to wear the blouse on-or-off-the-shoulder. The blouse can be closed with hook and eye closure which is not the optimal solution in my eyes.
But in the end I am quite pleased with this pattern construction :-)

As an inspiration for the skirt I used some of my favorite every-day-skirts. The pattern consists of seven sections slightly flared from the knie downwards. This results in a mild fishtail form. But the highlight of the skirt is the spiral out of gathered slightly lighter coloured contrast fabric. First I sewed it into a tube. This was not a great idea because turning it right side out took ages and cost me plenty of nerves ;-)
The pinning on the spiral free handedly on the other hand was comparatively meditative: 20cm forward and again undoing 10cm and so forth ;-)
I only knew where the spiral should start and where it should end.
I chose a zipper and a button covered in the contrast fabric to close the skirt on the back.
All in all I am very pleased with this skirt because it turned out just the way I imagined it :-)

Completed: 2017

pattern testpattern testpattern test