Welcome to my Klamottenkiste!

JessiCat's Klamottenkiste
You simply can’t buy clothes the way you want them. At least that’s what I found out for myself one day.
That was the moment, in about 1995, where I startet to make my own fashion.

I totally ignored that I could’nt sew or knit, I just started.
Nobody told me how, I did not read any books about it or anything, I just did it.
Well, thats how the first creations looked like, but one can live and learn ;-)

Needless to say I had no sewing machine either, so I did my sewing only by hand for over a decade!
Since then there have been many changes and I have learned a lot more.

Now I like to show some of my creations on this site, right from the bumpy start up to the latest pieces. News about that can be found in my blog.

Have fun poking around in my Klamottenkiste!



Photo: Silvia Walther (2012)
Hair, Make-Up: Friederike Schlüter
Jewellery: Sandra