Ready Made

Ready Made
Actually this dress does not belong in here. A bought evening gown was the basis of it and there have been made only minor changes.

Althought this dress is not entirely self-made, I consider it a good example of how you can change an existent piece of clothing with a few stitches into something much more beautiful.

Photos: Carsten T. (2007)

Ready Made

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Making of …

Starting point was the evening gown. The once small round neckline was changed into a rectangular plunging neckline and that wasn’t even done by myself (thanks to Brigitte W.).
The overskirt was a knee-length ruffled skirt, that I took completely apart and sewed together again differently.

This combination of the changed evening gown with the overskirt and the corset I wore in 1998 for the first time.

… in Action

…this outfit was very often. Today I would have to pay attention that I don’t explode the tight dress, apart from that I would still wear it often.

Sadly there are no pictures of that….

Status: I gave the outfit to my little sister in 2022 ;-)