Baby Romper Suit

Baby Romper Suit
I will be an aunt in 2016, so I decided to make an exception and sew some baby clothing.
It will be a girl, but the romper suit should not be a pink unicorn suit. However I thought a grey voilet bat romper suit more appropriate ;-)

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2015)

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Baby Romper Suit

Making of …

As a pattern I used the free sewing pattern Schlafi GuNa.
The bat print fabric is a wonderful soft thick jersey and the violet contrast is made out of cuffs ware.
The suit is sewn with my overlock only, I did not have to get out my normal sewing machine at all.

I decided on kam snaps for the button placket. Sadly I had some real problems with that :-/
Since I have no pincers for these, I had to borrow some. Thereby I was not able to correct, when some kam snaps were falling off and the pincers were no longer here :-(
Fortunately I had kind and competent help from the shop next door: Stoff & Tüdel.
Thanks a lot for that!
It is a real pity that they just have materials for making children’s clothing ;-)

Completed: 2015

… in Action

Status: given away as a Christmas present in 2015