Boho Crochet Skirt

Boho Crochet Skirt
This gorgeous and airy crochet skirt is circle wide and has a heavy fall.
It can be worn as an overskirt in very different ways. I like it over a plain floor length skirt. But it also looks very good over several layers of skirts, just with a mini skirt or over trousers.

Photos: Eric Aisling (2022)
Jewellery: Sandra

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Boho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet SkirtBoho Crochet Skirt

Making of …

This is another crochet pattern from the book “Colorful Crochet Lace” by Mary Jane Hall. The yoke of the skirt is crocheted vertically and closed with a seam. The circle skirt is then crocheted in consecutive rows.
I lengthened the skirt by another 9 rows. With a circle skirt, of course, this means a lot of work, a lot of wool and a lot of weight for the skirt ;-)

But I like the skirt very much in this length. So the extra work was worth it!

In order to be able to hold the weight well, I made the cord differently than stated in the book. My cord consists of three knotted strands that I have braided. I added tassels to the ends to complete the hippie look ;-)


…in Action

Status: in my Klamottenkiste