White Maiden

White Maiden
This dress consists of two simple, quickly made pieces, combined with a bought blouse. This simple outfit is the right choice for every medieval event.

Photos: Carsten T. (2011)
Jewellery: Sandra

White MaidenWhite MaidenWhite MaidenWhite MaidenWhite Maiden ÜberkleidWhite Maiden ÜberkleidWhite Maiden RockWhite Maiden Rock

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Making of …

I needed very quickly a second outfit for the Spectaculum 2011, because no woman can go with the same outfit on two days in a row ;-)

I made the patterns for the skirt and the overdress in less than 30min. The sewing did not take long either, just the braid needed to be sewn on manually, because my sewing machine was too bitchy to sew through it…

Completed: 2011

… in Action

Spectaculum 2011
Sewn for the Spectaculum 2011 and worn there when I was there with my family :-)

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wore ist at the Spectaculum :-)

Photos: Dino (2011)

Spectaculum 2011