Little Maid Lisa

Little Maid Lisa
This beautiful medieval dress is designed for the extra small maiden ;-)
The wide bell-shaped sleeves, the hemline and the neckline are decorated with stitchery and the waist is adjusted with the side-lacings.

I made this dress for my little sister Lisa :-)

Photos: Marco (2012)
Model: Lisi

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Making of …

I designed the pattern for this dress on the basis of just some measuring data I took from Lisa and did not use any other pattern as guideline.
Then I had to change the design right in the middle of sewing, because the dress was too small and too short on the first try-on.

This was the first time I was sewing something without having a dress form or a person of the right size at my fingertips. That was not at all a simple task ;-)

Completed: 2012

… in Action

Status: given to Lisa as a present :-)