Tech Skirt

Tech Skirt
This skirt stands out due to its asymmetry and the contrast between the printed fabric and the plain black scrim.
With the decoration I also focused on contrast: ruffels besides chains and uniform buttons.

Matching the skirt there is the Tech Choker.

Photos: Carsten T. (2011)

Tech SkirtTech SkirtTech SkirtTech SkirtTech SkirtTech Skirt

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Making of …

Tech Skirt in progress
The pattern is self-made and consists of two asymmetric skirts with ruffeld edges out of plain scrim and as a contrast printed fabric with bolts, nuts and cogwheels on it. I decorated the skirt with chains and buttons.

Completed: 2010

… in Action

Status: I wore it a few times, but then gave it to my dear friend Janni :-)