NeedMoreCoffeeMan Shirt

NeedMoreCoffeeMan Shirt
A plain shirt with the NeedMoreCoffeeMan-logo as a stitchery in a coppery brown on the back.
As a present for my favorite photographer ;-)

NeedMoreCoffeeMan Shirt

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Making of …

It surely was a challenge to sew something for a male for the first time and above that without having the exact measure. But I took the basic pattern from one of his sweaters and stitched the NeedMoreCoffeeMan-logo in coppery brown on the back using a zigzag-stitch.

Completed: 2009 (just in time for Xmas)

… in Action

The shirt is worn often. Sadly there arn’t any pictures (yet) ;-)

Status: made as a present, gave it away and now he wears it