Green Curtain Dress

Green Curtain Dress
What Scarlett O’Hara can do, I can do too….. well, at least I thought so. The dress is made out of heavy dark green curtain-velvet, partly lined with black taffeta and decorated with a lot of lace border. The skirt part is plain and widely open at the front to show off the underskirts like the Four Metre Velvet Skirt for example.

Green Curtain DressGreen Curtain DressGreen Curtain Dress

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Making of …

The fabric I got as a present and I simply started sewing, just to find out later, that the dress is just to heavy to run around with it a whole evening. So I never wore it.

The pattern for the upper part is the same as for the Witchy Woman’s Dress, the simple skirt part is self-made.

The dress is exclusively sewn by hand.

Completed: 1999

… in Action

Never worn….

Status: I did not wear it and it had to leave my Klamottenkiste in the end…