Crochet Vest

Crochet Vest
Hole to hole and it keeps… so warm ;-)

It is so cuddly this crochet vest and it came into being so very unplanned.

Photos: Eric Aisling (2017)
Earrings: Sandra

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Crochet VestCrochet VestCrochet VestCrochet VestCrochet VestCrochet Vest

Making of …

Here I just started to crochet away. For real ;-)
Over and over again undid the thing, trying to get a nice pattern just with single and double crochets out of this very thick wool. And suddenly the piece got longer and longer and then came the idea what to make of it.
It ended when the wool ended, it was enough right to the point. There was no more wool left for the ribbons, so I used some woollen braid.
Considering that this was a totally unplanned project, it turned out quite nicely :-)

Completed: 2017

…in Action

Status: has been worn a lot but now i gave it to a dear friend ;-)