Doomslug & Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug
Here is my interim status after my surgery: Finger is still there and healing – but slowly. Can’t sew properly again yet…
but planning and typing with one hand is ok ;-)

So until I can continue, let me introduce Doomslug & Boomslug to you!
I hope you find them as cute as I do ;-)


DoomslugDoomslugDoomslugBoomslugBoomslugBoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugMagnetic DoomslugMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic Boomslug

Happy New Year 2023!

This year will be better – this time for sure – always stay positive, I’m told ;-)

The pandemic has been declared over, events are taking place again and will we overcome all other crises too?
Get up, keep going – we have to…
Crafting, sewing, crocheting, dreaming of new projects, in short “creating something” helps me with that :-)

With this in mind, there is now a brief preview of the projects that have already been completed, which I would like to show. Much of it was already on this list last year ;-)

  • 2016: Kya
  • 2018: Flapper Dress
  • 2021: Archer Vest
  • 2021: Badass Tailcoat
  • 2021: Purple Spiderweb Top
  • 2022: Crochet Shrug
  • 2022: Camouflage Net Top
  • 2022: Doomslug & Boomslug

There are two works in progress, one of them a big one again ;-)

  • a crochet crop top
  • an outfit still untitled consisting of
    • skirt (already finished)
    • jacket(already finished)
    • corset (in progress)
    • hat (in progress)
    • bag (in planning)
    • petticoat (in planning)
    • blouse (just an idea so far)

…and the ideas of the last two years have not been forgotten and a few new ones have been added:

  • a Victorian crocheted cape
  • another Victorian bustle dress
  • a less self-made, but mainly bought cosplay in progress (from Avatar – The Last Airbender)
  • another one (from Star Wars) only as an idea so far ;-)

But all ideas and works in progress have to rest in January because I won’t be able to use my hands as usual for a while due to an operation.
Updates will follow soon :-)


A New Crochet Outfit: Golden Pl├╝sch

Golden Pl├╝sch
This outfit is a combination of the Golden Pl├╝sch Skirt, the Golden Pl├╝sch Scarf and matching Golden Pl├╝sch Wrist Warmers.

With this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bye for now!

Golden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝sch