Gru’s Scraf

Gru's Scarf
This is supposed to be Felonius Gru’s Scarf, known from the Despicable Me movies.

I though long about how I could make this scarf as close to the original as possible.
The original beeing just a bunch of pixels in an animation film did not make this any easier.
For my eyes the scarf in the films looks like it was knitted with a stocking stitch, but from both sides…Since I cannot knit doubleface, I had to think of something else.

In the end I veered away from the original more and more, since I used grey and black wool instead of light-grey and dark-grey and I used purl stitches and stocking stitches in turn. I thought it to be dull just to use purl stitches and it seemed to me to be even farther from the original scarf.
But I was trying hard to get the proportion of the stripes exactly as in the movies.

The scarf is very elastic in its width now because of the way I knitted it, but it is pretty fluffy :-)
…and luckily it still looks like Gru’s scarf ;-)

Completed: 2016

Status: It was a present to my boyfriend.

Models: Stuart and Kevin ;-)

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Gru's ScarfGru's ScarfGru's ScarfGru's Scarf