Sir Otto
For a Victoria Prismall costume there has to be an octopus and not any octopus but Otto.
If you do not know Otto and Victoria, you have to check out Brian Kesinger’s artwork :-)

So I sewed an octopus. I found the pattern on the internet and extended the tentacles times 1.5, I also added eyes and ears.
I tried to give him the typical Otto-expression which was not easy at all. I remade the eyes alone nine times before I was satisfied ;-)
To simulate the suckers I used the wonderful Minky Fleece. Sadly this fabric has to be lined firmly and even then the pet cannot be stuffed too fully because the little knobs can be flattend quickly.

Otto is fluffy, always in a good mood and he finds new friends everywhere :-)

Completed: 2017

Status: Otto is sitting in our living room and was with us at the Anno1900 Steampunk Convention 2017 and after that in Ulmen ;-)

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2017)

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