Nautilus Leather Bag

Nautlius Leather Bag
Shortly before going to the Aethercircus 2014 I needed a bag matching my Captain Nemo outfit.

The Bag is made out of blue leather and I sewed it completely by hand. The strap has buckles for length regulation at the front and at the back.
The flap is the natural edge of the leather piece and it ends in a little quick-release buckle.

There is a little slot for a porthole-magnifying-glass at the front to add a real submarine element to the style of the bag :-)

Completed: 2014

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I used it for the first time at the Aethercircus 2014.

Photo: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2014)
Jewellery: Sandra

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Nautilus Leather BagNautilus Leather Bag


This jewellery set is made for the Captain Nemo Outfit gemacht.
The earrings have dangling Captain’s wheels and blue stones reminding of drops of water on long chains.
A little compass on a long chain completes the set.

So the Captain is well equipped ;-)

Completed: 2014

Status: I do wear it sometimes

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