Time Traveller’s Ballroom – Presents

Great Victorian Onyx Set
The Time Traveller’s Ballroom was my birthday party and I got so many wonderful presents I could hardy believe it.
Since I have so many creative friends, there were just as many creative presents and I want to show a small selection thereof :-)

First of all I got the amazingly beautiful jewellery set matching my dress. As so many times before Sandra made the jewellery especially for this ball gown, and it is just perfect for it.
I called the set Great Victorian Onyx Set.

I got another jewellery set from Jules H. Aetherton and Arsenal Best.
It is a little porcelain tea set, white with rosy flowers and gold-rimmed, the little teapot is the pendant and the teacups with their saucers are the earrings. It is so sweet and I will wear it often and with much fun :-)

My dear friend Miss Mel von Stichfest used her embroidery machine and made a big shopping bag with an octopus with metallic yarn for me :-)

I got another octopus from Eliza Jess Corvey and Phillip von Pleuel. This specimen was printed in seperat parts with a 3D-printer and then pieced together. This beastie has so wonderfully flexible tentacles and it looks properly steampunky.
I am thinking about how to use this for a costume ;-)

Another great present I got from Sandra and Van Flex are three of my favorite Brian Kesinger Victoria&Otto-Doctor Who-Crossover-pictures printed on a white wooden board. This is one of the most creative birthday cards I ever have seen ;-)

Many presents were money gifts. One of them I want to show you: A tiny aquarium where there is a treasure in the sand guarded by an octopus sea monster ;-)

There will be two more posts about the Time Traveller’s Ballroom, one about my dress and one about my guests :-)


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