Doomslug & Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug
If you ever read a book by Brandon Sanderson of his Cytoverse series, you will recognize these cute little creatures at once.
If not, go ahead and read “Skyward”, “Starsight” and “Cytonic”, and if you are like me, you will be a Doomslug fan by the end of the first book. And if that is the case, do yourselves a favour and continue reading the novellas “Sunreach”, “ReDawn” and “Evershore”!
I dare not say more, to avoid more spoilers ;-)

Long story short: When I found this crochet pattern on Etsy by HayleyLouiseCrafts I just had to buy it!
I made one Doomslug and one Boomslug as presents for my friends (the friends that introduced me to these books!).

And then I just needed one of each for myself as well and I came up with the idea to put little magnets in them…

…and what a great idea that was!
It’s so funny to put your favorite slugs somewhere else every day, wherever they stick :-)

I will definitely make more magnetic slugs in the future…. maybe even a Fine if I find the right colours ;-)

First pair of slugs completed: 2022
Magnetic slugs completed: 2023

Status: first pair (one Doomslug and one Boomslug) given away as a Christmas present, one magnetic Doomslug given away as a birthday present and one magnetic Doomslug and Boomslug für myself :-)

Photos: JessiCat (2022/2023)

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