Long Petticoat

Long Petticoat
This is a pretty not too bulky petticoat that doesn’t lay on a bit at the hips but it becomes wonderfully wide from somewhere above the knees to the bottom. The eye-catcher is the black satin band at the edge of the lowest tulle ruffles, and its kinda pretty if it sticks out under the overskirts.

Photo: Eric Aisling (2009)
Cuffs: JessiCat (Black Lacecuffs)

Long PetticoatLong Petticoat

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Making of …

Long Petticoat in progress
A pattern in Burda Special issue Festliche Mode E397 gave me the idea that my dresses would be nice with a pretty petticoat.

The fabrics I used were simple black lining taffeta and black tulle.

On the left you can see a picture of the skirt part before adding the tulle ruffels.
Up to this point the skirt is only hand-sewn, the tulle is sewn onto it with the sewing machine.

The cost of material was about 30 EUR, at which the tulle and the taffeta carried no weight, the almost 20 metres of satin bias tape was the biggest entry on the bill ;-)

Completed: 2009

… in Action

I wear the petticoat very often under long skirts or dresses.

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wear it quite often