Making of …

Summer Rose Cul de Paris
The pattern for the skirt and the bum-pillow are once more based on the same Burda pattern as for the Copper Dress.
The bum-pillow though has lots of little embroidered ruffles :-)
I adjusted the seamline of the skirt a bit, added a ruffle and some embroidery.

I additionally made a petticoat to give the skirt more volume. I used a Truly Victorian pattern (TV170, Victorian Petticoats).

The polonaise itself is made with the Truly Victorian pattern (TV410, 1873 Polonaise).
I embroidered the selvedges of the skirt’s fabric and sewed them on the polonaise as trim.
I left out the boning, apart from that the pattern is unchanged.

Cul de Paris completed: 2013
Petticoat completed: 2013
Skirt completedt: 2013
Polonaise completed: 2013

Summer Rose Cul de ParisSummer Rose PetticoatSummer Rose Petticoat