Making of …

Completed: Bolero jackets 2017
Skirt, bustle mini skirt and hats 2018

For both bolero jackets I used the pattern M2070 “Rove” from Cosplay by McCall’s. I simply love this pattern and will use it again some time!
Bolero 1 is the C option with a little cange. I altered the front below the bow and made it a little shorter and the bottom hemline rounder.
Bolero 2 is option F and since it is perfect as it is I left it completely unchanged :-)

The skirt and bustle mini skirt is made with the pattern M6911 from McCall’s Costumes. Since I liked the squiggle on the skirt pattern my skirt has this squiggle, too now :-)

Alone the bustle skirt was no fun to make…. I had a really hard time fitting the very stiff netting into the skirt (and under my sewing machine). There was a time where I just wanted to throw the thing away because it looked like a shapeless blob :-(
But in the end it turned out it really was a skirt and wearable on top of that ;-)
Now I like the way it is stiff but very lightweight and stays in the shape I struggled it into :-)