Making of …

Military Jacket without lining
The jacket was the first piece of the combi I made. The pattern is from Burda Style (5/2011) with just one involuntary modification, which annoyes me, but which I did not notice until the work was done. I will not mention this any further because I am a bit embarressed about it. And if it catches someones eye, he may laugh at me ;-)
Otherwise this pattern gave me the opportunity to sew a jacket without lining. The seam allowances on the inside of the jacket are simply wrapped in bias tape. This is a beautiful idea, which I will surely use in my own designs, too.

So I did use this idea for example for the second piece of the combi, namely for the skirt. The design of the skirt is entirely my own, even if the lower laced ruffle part was the upper half of an old skirt witch I took apart for that.
The skirt is closed by a zipper on the front, which is covered by the buttoned-on front piece.

The third piece of the combi, the flounce blouse, is once more made from an unchanged pattern from Burda Style (8/2011).

Out of the remains of the blouse-fabric I made the matching Flounce Gloves.

Completed: 2011