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Copycat Mini Skirt
My two favorite winter mini skirts were my templates for this.
What I like about my black mini skirt (in the picture Mini Skirt 1) is that it has a lining. I wanted to have my new skirt a lining, too. I used the lining from a skirt from Burda Style as a pattern for that.

I did not want the pockets from the black skirt, but the buckles from my grey mini skirt (Minirock 2). I sectioned the yoke accordingly just made it a bit longer. Since I had some nice matching buckles, they turned out a little different as well.
Furthermore I like that the grey skirt has two pleats on each side. I like that better than the three pleats on each side on the black skirt. The pleats end up evenly with the buckle part of the yoke on the grey skirt which is especially nice.
I copied this pleating for my new skirt, in which I succeeded amazingly well ;-)

The completed skirt is tighter than both of my templates, but I am extremely satisfied with the outcome!

Completed: 2018

Mini Skirt 1Mini Skirt 2