Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
This diamond-decorated two-coloured costume is complete with the Harley Quinn Choker and the matching gloves. A bit cheeky and punky this costume is definitely Harley Quinn-worthy.

Needless to say that this costume is most effective in combination with someone wearin the Poison Ivy-costume.

Photos: Laurent Goletz (2011)
Models: Sandra and JessiCat
Jewellery: Sandra
Decoration: Sandra and JessiCat

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Making of …

Harley Quinn Entwurf
After a crazy we-want-to-dress-up-as-Harley-and-Ivy-thought with my friend Sandra, I had at once the idea for the costumes in mind. The first version for Harley Quinn you can see here in this draft.

The pattern is from Burda Style (11/2009), only I made two dresses and sewed them together that the asymmetric pattern lead to a symmetric dress and the long sleeves became short puffy sleeves in my version. And not to forget to mention the colour zoning ;-)

The dress had many pieces because of the two colours, but everything merged together to my satisfaction. Furthermore the dress is decorated with little diamonds like suitable for a Harley Quinn ;-)

Completed: 2010

… in Action

Harley with her Joker
The costume was worn for the first time after the photoshoot at my Halloween party. Apart from Ivy there were the Joker, Catwoman and even Batman, so we had a lot of fun with our costums ;-)

Status: made for Sandra and had its premiere at my Halloween party 2011 ;-)

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2011)

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