Mini Poncho

Mini Poncho
This mini poncho can be combined in many ways and warms more than you would expect :-)
It also goes well with evening dresses or light summer dresses as a small shoulder cape like here in the pictures with the Black Summer Dress.

Photos: Eric Aisling (2021)
Jewellery: Sandra

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Mini PonchoMini PonchoMini PonchoMini PonchoMini PonchoMini Poncho

Making of …

crochet square
This is another pattern from the book “Colorful Crochet Lace” by Mary Jane Hall. It consists of several crocheted squares (as can be seen in the picture) which can then be sewn together in various ways. This poncho consists of 6 such squares and is one of the examples in the book.
In fact, I used the remaining squares from the Crochet Lace Top ;-)


…in Action

Status: in my Klamottenkiste