Godet Flamenco Skirt

Godet Flamenco Skirt
Plain and simple, but with its godets out of the eye-catching dotted red fabric that was left over from the Flamenco Ladybird, this flamenco skirt is perfect for all flamencos where you want to play with the fullness of the skirt ;-)

Photos: Laurent Goletz (2013)
Jewellery: Sandra

Godet Flamenco SkirtGodet Flamenco Skirt

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Making of …

This simple pattern is self-made once again. It consits of six wide skirt pieces out of black fabric and six wide hip-high godets out of the dotted fabic.

Completed: 2012

… in Action

My first flamenco performance :-)
I wore the skirt at my very first flamenco performance at the Hafenfest Möltenort 2013 :-)

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wear it often

...on stage...on stage...on stage