Flamenco Goldenbrown

Flamenco Goldenbrown
In fact I wanted to make this skirt a Steampunk-Flamenco-Skirt…

…the only thing remained is the colour combination gold and brown, apart from that it is a normal Flamenco skirt.

The opulent flounces are flying prettily when I am dancing and with the asymmetric shorter form at the front I can show off my flamenco shoes which I orderd so they would fit the colours of the skirt ;-)

Photos: Earthling (2015)
Jewellery: Sandra

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Flamenco GoldenbrownFlamenco GoldenbrownFlamenco GoldenbrownFlamenco GoldenbrownFlamenco Goldenbrown

Making of …

The pattern ist completely self-made.

The skirt has a short yoke and consists of six panels, two of them are rounded up to one side. So it has an asymmetric form, which allows to show a little bit of leg ;-)

The edge has two rows of flounces. The lower flounce is made out of gold-yellow flowing fabric, the upper one is made out of brown cotton with golden dots as is the rest of the skirt.

Completed: 2014

… in Action

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wear it for my dancing lessons :-)

I was wearing the skirt for the first time at the Fiesta Flamenca in the summer of 2015 at Ina Heller’s Encuentro.