Cat’s Baggy Pants

Cat's Baggy Pants
This is my very first homemade pants. I really don’t know why I have never sewn pants before and why of all possible pants I had to make these baggy pants.

The baggy pants are made out of supercomfy jersey material and has a little cat shaped stitchery on the front and a tiny Jessicat logo on the bottom of one leg. The pants are closed with a zipper on the side.

These pants are good for TaiChi or jazz lessons :-)

Photos: Dino (2011)

Cat's Baggy PantsCat's Baggy PantsCat's Baggy PantsCat's Baggy PantsCat's Baggy Pants

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Making of …

The pattern is taken from Burda Style (1/2011) and is not modified. The cat stitchery is in form of the cat on top of this website ;-)

Completed: 2011

… in Action

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wear it often for my jazz training