Cozy Crochet Lace Scarf

Cozy Crochet Lace Scarf
I crocheted this scarf for my dear friend’s birthday. Therefore, the scarf should go well with gothic-black outfits :-)

The pattern for this is from the book “Colorful Crochet Lace” by Mary Jane Hall. The scarf was my second project from this book. A small inconsistency between the written instructions and the illustration confused me a bit, but otherwise it was a easy and particularly beautiful pattern :-)

A few weeks later I crocheted a purple, shorter version – also as a gift.

Completed: 2021

Status: As planned, I gave the scarf to my amazing friend for her birthday :-)

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Cozy Crochet Lace ScarfCozy Crochet Lace ScarfCrochet Lace Scarf, short lilac version