Bouquet of Lights

Bouquets of Lights
For my very special birthday party the “Time Traveller’s Ballroom” I wanted to have special table decoration – something like little fireflies in organza ;-)

I made a tube out of organza and sewed it with LED lights inside into the form of blossoms. I covered the battery case with the fabric remains from my beautiful ball gown and sewed it underneath the blossom part as a basis for the bouquet.
I made two round bouquets later to be put on one long table and four oval versions for the smaller tables.

The table decoration was completed with some golden pearl twine :-)

Completed: 2017

Status: The little bouquets of lights were my table decorations for my “Time Traveller’s Ballrooms” and I will use them for decoration in the future ;-)

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Bouquets of LightsBouquet of Lights - round versionBouquet of Lights - oval versionBouquet of Lights - without lightsBouquet of Lights - work in progressBouquet of Lights - the single componentsBouquet of Lights as table decoration