Victoria’s Tricorne

Victoria's Tricorne
I really like tricorne hats and I was so proud of my very own hat pattern I made for the Time Lady Tricorne that I had to make another one of these. Since I sold the Time Lady Tricorne I did not have any tricornes anymore, so it was about time to do this.

I was making my Victoria Prismall costume at that time, so I decided she needed such a hat. The outfit I made for her had no hat at all because my reference was an indoor scene, so I was free to choose :-)

So now here it is: Victoria’s new hat and of course it is decorated with little porcelain octopusses :-)

Completed: 2017

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wear it with the Victoria Prismall costume :-)

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Victoria's TricorneVictoria's TricorneVictoria's Tricorne