Wrist Warmers!

Short Wrist Warmers
In the hope that there will be real winter after all, I expanded my great collection of wrist warmers and added some specimen to it: The Short Wrist Warmers and the Olive Green Lace Knit Wrist Warmers were finished very quickly.

I am quite certain that the next wrist warmers will be a little more complex again ;-)


Short Wrist WarmersOlive Green Lace Knit Wrist WarmersOlive Green Lace Knit Wrist Warmers

Welcome to the 20s

It has been a year since I wrote that this site needs to be worked over completely. But it still exists like this and I cannot afford to do this neither in time nor financially.

So I continue as before – at least in respect to my homepage ;-)

And like every year I have a list of clothes I did not present here yet, some of which still need pictures:

  • 2016: Kya
  • 2017: Business Mini Dress
  • 2018: Flapper Dress
  • 2019: Block Dress
  • 2019: Corduroy Vest
  • 2019: Loose Lace Knit Dress

At the moment I am working on a pinstripe corset with a bolero jacket. In addition to that there is a blouse planned as an alternative to the bolero.
There are two more slightly bigger projects in planning for some time now, but I do not want to name them just yet ;-)

Actually I wanted to show the party pictures from my last two costum parties “Flora & Fauna” 2018 and “Old & New” 2019… Maybe I will do so soon :-)

However I wish you all a happy creative and productive new year!


New Earrings

Happy Octopus Earrings
Once more I got earrings for my birthday and I was thrilled as ever :-)
This time Steffi made them for me: Some super cute octopus earrings, which look somehow indian… maybe an octopus version of Ganesha? ;-)
The second pair are little dinos – also very cute :-)

I wore both of them already!


Happy Octopus EarringsJurassic EarringsJurassic Earrings