Doomslug & Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug
If you ever read a book by Brandon Sanderson of his Cytoverse series, you will recognize these cute little creatures at once.
If not, go ahead and read “Skyward”, “Starsight” and “Cytonic”, and if you are like me, you will be a Doomslug fan by the end of the first book. And if that is the case, do yourselves a favour and continue reading the novellas “Sunreach”, “ReDawn” and “Evershore”!
I dare not say more, to avoid more spoilers ;-)

Long story short: When I found this crochet pattern on Etsy by HayleyLouiseCrafts I just had to buy it!
I made one Doomslug and one Boomslug as presents for my friends (the friends that introduced me to these books!).

And then I just needed one of each for myself as well and I came up with the idea to put little magnets in them…

…and what a great idea that was!
It’s so funny to put your favorite slugs somewhere else every day, wherever they stick :-)

I will definitely make more magnetic slugs in the future…. maybe even a Fine if I find the right colours ;-)

First pair of slugs completed: 2022
Magnetic slugs completed: 2023

Status: first pair (one Doomslug and one Boomslug) given away as a Christmas present, one magnetic Doomslug given away as a birthday present and one magnetic Doomslug and Boomslug f├╝r myself :-)

Photos: JessiCat (2022/2023)

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DoomslugDoomslugDoomslugBoomslugBoomslugBoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugMagnetic DoomslugMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic Boomslug work in progressMagnetic Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug

Doomslug & Boomslug
Here is my interim status after my surgery: Finger is still there and healing – but slowly. Can’t sew properly again yet…
but planning and typing with one hand is ok ;-)

So until I can continue, let me introduce Doomslug & Boomslug to you!
I hope you find them as cute as I do ;-)


DoomslugDoomslugDoomslugBoomslugBoomslugBoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugDoomslug & BoomslugMagnetic DoomslugMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic DoomslugsMagnetic Boomslug

Happy New Year 2023!

This year will be better – this time for sure – always stay positive, I’m told ;-)

The pandemic has been declared over, events are taking place again and will we overcome all other crises too?
Get up, keep going – we have to…
Crafting, sewing, crocheting, dreaming of new projects, in short “creating something” helps me with that :-)

With this in mind, there is now a brief preview of the projects that have already been completed, which I would like to show. Much of it was already on this list last year ;-)

  • 2016: Kya
  • 2018: Flapper Dress
  • 2021: Archer Vest
  • 2021: Badass Tailcoat
  • 2021: Purple Spiderweb Top
  • 2022: Crochet Shrug
  • 2022: Camouflage Net Top
  • 2022: Doomslug & Boomslug

There are two works in progress, one of them a big one again ;-)

  • a crochet crop top
  • an outfit still untitled consisting of
    • skirt (already finished)
    • jacket(already finished)
    • corset (in progress)
    • hat (in progress)
    • bag (in planning)
    • petticoat (in planning)
    • blouse (just an idea so far)

…and the ideas of the last two years have not been forgotten and a few new ones have been added:

  • a Victorian crocheted cape
  • another Victorian bustle dress
  • a less self-made, but mainly bought cosplay in progress (from Avatar – The Last Airbender)
  • another one (from Star Wars) only as an idea so far ;-)

But all ideas and works in progress have to rest in January because I won’t be able to use my hands as usual for a while due to an operation.
Updates will follow soon :-)


Golden Pl├╝sch Wrist Warmers

Golden Pl├╝sch Wrist Warmers
After I got the Golden Pl├╝sch Skirt and the Golden Pl├╝sch Scarf finished, there was still some wool left – and as is the case with me: Then it becomes wrist warmers ;- )
I used the same pattern here in small and so they complete the overall “Golden Pl├╝sch” outfit very nicely :-)

Completed: 2022

Status: in my Klamottenkiste

Photos: Eric Aisling (2022)
Earrings: Sandra

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Golden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝sch Wrist Warmers

Golden Pl├╝sch Scarf

Golden Pl├╝sch Scarf
The scarf is made from the same crochet pattern as the Golden Pl├╝sch Skirt. Like most of my last crochet scarves, it is crocheted from two sides and then the ends are attached. It is super fluffy and of course goes perfectly with the skirt and the Golden Pl├╝sch Wrist Warmers :-)

Completed: 2022

Status: in my Klamottenkiste

Photos: Eric Aisling (2022)
Earrings: Sandra

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Golden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝sch Scarf

Golden Pl├╝sch Skirt

Golden Pl├╝sch Skirt
I just couldn’t think of a good name for this chic, warm winter skirt – that’s why I stuck to the working title.
The skirt reminds me a bit of the fashion of the “Golden 20s” and is cozy and plushy, so it fits somehow ;-)

Photos: Eric Aisling (2022)
Earrings: Sandra

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Golden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝sch Skirt

Making of …

This is another model from the book “Colorful Crochet Lace” by Mary Jane Hall. Actually, this was a crochet pattern for a dress, here I simply left out the straps and sewed a underskirt out of the light lining fabric underneath. The skirt closes with a zipper. There are three decorative buttons and loops on top, so that the zipper is not so noticeable ;-)

Completed: 2022

…in Action

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and was worn for the first time at Christmas 2022

A New Crochet Outfit: Golden Pl├╝sch

Golden Pl├╝sch
This outfit is a combination of the Golden Pl├╝sch Skirt, the Golden Pl├╝sch Scarf and matching Golden Pl├╝sch Wrist Warmers.

With this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bye for now!

Golden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝schGolden Pl├╝sch

…what had to leave the Klamottenkiste… Part 6

Russian Flower
It always sounds so sad when I write these posts – and sometimes it is!
The reason for this was definitely nerve-wracking – because my closet practically collapsed!!!

But this post is not sad at all, because I am so happy that some of my beautiful works have ended up with loved ones who still wear and appreciate them!

This time I gave my little sister Lisa and my dear stepmother Marlies a lot of nice things.

So is my beloved Russian Flower with the Russian Flower Bag and the Russian Flower Choker now in good hands. Here with me, it really only hung on a dress form for years because it didn’t fit me anymore.
The same goes for the cheerful Picknick Dress with the Bag for the Picknick Dress. That suits Marlies much better than me ;-)
She also got the Tea Pot Dress which she looks lovely in too :-)
I also gave her the last remains of the Bold Balloonist – now the outfit should almost be back be completely in one place.
Also the Olive Green Lace Knit Wrist Warmers and the DonÔÇÖt Blink Shirt went to Marlies!

To wear the wonderfully cuddly warm Night Blue Poncho with the Night Blue Wrist Warmers Marlies and Lisa almost had a fight – I think they can take turns wearing them now in winter ;-)

My often worn Ready Made has been way too small for me for a long time, but Lisa fits in and so it ended up with her :-)

But now you mustn’t think that I now have room in my closet!
At least there should now be a very small gap so that I can start my new steampunk project ;-)


Russian Flower BagRussian Flower ChokerPicknick DressBag for the Picknick DressTea Pot DressBold BalloonistOlive Green Lace Knit Wrist WarmersOlive Green Lace Knit Wrist WarmersDon't Blink ShirtNight Blue PonchoNight Blue Wrist WarmersReady Made