A New Outfit: Badass Tailcoat with Long Gloves

Badass Tailcoat and Long Gloves
The first new work that I want to show this year was already finished in 2021 and the shooting for it was in 2023, so it’s actually not new at all ;-)

It is about theBadass Tailcoat with the matching Badass Long Gloves.
Even though the shoot has a Star Wars theme, I didn’t want to classify the tailcoat under Cosplay & Nerdiges, but instead under Gothic & Gruftiges, because for me it is an all-rounder :-)

Olaf Pinn took the wonderfully space-y images in a very fun shoot. Thank you very much for that :-)

It will still be some time before you can see anything really new from me…I’m still in the process of rearranging my life and getting back on my feet.
In the meantime there will still be one or two posts!


Badass Tailcoat and Long GlovesBadass Tailcoat and Long GlovesBadass Tailcoat and Long GlovesBadass Tailcoat and Long Gloves

Badass Tailcoat

Badass Tailcoat
When I look at this tailcoat, I think of some superhero or evil archenemy. It reminds me of something that a character from the Matrix movies or a Sith would wear – hence its name ;-)
The tailcoat goes well with rock outfits as well as gothic outfits, is super comfortable and fluffy on the inside. It also flatters the figure ;-)

I sewed long arm warmers to match, which of course also got a suitable name: Badass Long Gloves .

Photos: Olaf Pinn (2023)

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Badass TailcoatBadass TailcoatBadass TailcoatBadass TailcoatBadass TailcoatBadass TailcoatBadass Tailcoat

Making of …

This is the second use of this beautiful pattern after the Archer Vest.

The two layers of stretch fake leather and cozy quilted jersey are processed like one layer of fabric. The resulting exposed seams are finished with satin bias tape.
The thing is closed with a stylish silver hook.

Completed: 2021

… in Action

Status: in my Klamottenkiste

Badass Long Gloves

Badass Long Gloves
I made these long arm warmers to add to the Badass Tailcoat. I developed the pattern completely myself, so that it matches perfectly with the tailcoat.
The inside of the cuffs should also be visible, so I opted for the cuff on the upper edge. At the bottom there is a small slit to show a little more of the satin trim.

Completed: 2021

Status: in my Klamottenkiste

Photos: Olaf Pinn (2023)

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Badass Long GlovesBadass Long GlovesBadass Long GlovesBadass Long GlovesBadass Long Gloves

Everything will be different in 2024!

Broken Heart
I wish you a happy new year!

The last year has completely thrown me off course!
When heart and mind don’t agree, drama is inevitable ;-)

So this year begins in the broken fragments of the life I have built over the last two decades…

So now it’s time to get up and reinvent myself!
Maybe that will also show up on this website ;-)

What hasn’t changed (so far): I’ve put together an overview of the projects that have already been completed, i.e. what I still want to show. A few of these items were already on this list last year ;-)

  • 2016: Kya
  • 2018: Flapper Dress
  • 2021: Badass Tailcoat
  • 2023: Sweat Kombi
  • 2023: Lace Bolero
  • 2023: Crochet Dress
  • 2023: The Secret Chapter

There are two works in progress:

  • a Crochet Crop Top (yes, still, it’s lying around….)
  • a crocheted tango skirt

…and the ideas from the last few years have not been forgotten yet, but they will have to wait for now, as I will tackle my major apartment redesign project first:

  • another Victorian bustle dress
  • a less self-made, but mainly bought cosplay in progress (from Avatar – The Last Airbender)
  • another one (from Star Wars) only as an idea so far ;-)
  • and another crocheted tango dress

So here’s to an exciting new year with lots of big and small projects ;-)


Decorative Hearts

Rose Hearts
I made these cute, kitschy rose hearts as a gift. They are also very suitable as Christmas decorations :-)

Here I used the leftover material from Copper Roses; attached the satin ribbon, stuffed it and the hearts were done.

As a bonus there are two mini hearts made of steampunk fabric, which I will probably keep for myself ;-)

Completed: 2023

Status: some given away as planned, some still with me

Photos: JessiCat (2023)

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Rose HeartsBiggest Rose HeartSmallest Rose HeartRose HeartsSteampunk Mini HeartsSteampunk Mini Hearts

(Christmas) Decorative Hearts

Biggest Rose Heart
Just in time for the 1st Advent, I have a little kitschy decoration for you that is also ideal as a Christmas decoration, th Decorative Hearts.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with continued beautiful snowy landscapes :-)


Rose HeartsRose HeartsSmallest Rose HeartRose HeartsSteampunk Mini HeartsSteampunk Mini Hearts

A New Purple Spiderweb Top

Purple Spiderweb Top
Actually, a report from this year’s Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention in Luxembourg should follow here, including a new costume.
Instead of that, there is a small crochet work from 2021 to see, the Purple Spiderweb Top.

This small work was presented in a big way in another great shoot with Olaf Pinn .
Thanks for the great pictures :-)


Purple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb Top

Purple Spiderweb Top

Purple Spiderweb Top
This top is the more elegant version of the tops made of cut-off tights, which I used to wear with gothic outfits, the wearing comfort is very similar.

In addition, the dark violet is a daring splash of color for such deep black, goth outfits ;-)

Photos: Olaf Pinn (2023)
Earrings: Sandra

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Purple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb TopPurple Spiderweb Top